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5 Moving Mistakes You Should not be Making



With a reasonable strategy by your side, moving the house could happen easily. Quite the opposite, making mistakes during the relocation would force you to face lots of challenges. Is it time for you to leave your old place and start fresh in a brand-new home? If so, make the most of the experience by steering clear of these common moving mistakes you are likely to make:


  • You don’t hire a professional company – moving companies exist for a reason – they turn relocation into such a simple process that not relying on one is the first mistake you should fix. You might want to ask friends or family members to help you with the move, but are they familiar with the specifications of the process? Furthermore, a professional removal company will do the heavy lifting for you and given the number of boxes you are likely to have, hiring the experts seems like the smartest solution. Find a reliable moving company and the stress you will experience during the move will be minimised.


  • You have no plan – if this is your first relocation, you probably don’t realise how many jobs you will be expected to complete before you set foot in your new place. The most effective way to deal with moving the house is by having a clear-cut plan on all tasks related to the process. Not having a plan will certainly lead to your forgetting something important, therefore – lots of stress. You can start preparing your plan right after you have decided to move. Write down your tasks and cross them off the list when completed. This way you will be able to predict possible issues that might occur and react to them on time.


  • You postpone packing – when it comes to packing, chances are the amount of stuff you own can mislead you. Maybe you think that packing your things will happen in a flash, but don’t forget that stuff hidden in your drawers, as well as kitchen cabinets or even the basement, require packing too. Underestimating the amount of time invested in packing is a mistake that can easily lead to stress and anxiety. Luckily you can avoid that mistake by planning. Set a clear date for you to start packing and never overlook the number of things you will have to pack – it is a time-consuming process.


  • You start packing too soon – waiting for the last moment to start packing is a mistake you shouldn’t make, but so is starting too early. If you are a well-organised person who doesn’t like to run errands at the last minute, you might be tempted to start the packing process too early. Unfortunately doing so is likely to end up with unpacking, because you need much of the stuff you have already put in inboxes. Besides, if your house stays cluttered with boxes for a long time, this might increase the level of stress you experience.


  • You want to take everything with you – moving the house is one of the best moments you can use to finally tackle clutter and missing out on the opportunity is a big mistake. You don’t really need all those things you are about to pack, so instead of putting everything in the boxes, evaluate your belongings. Get a fresh start by saying goodbye to things you never use, old clothes or broken appliances. This way you will not only end up with a well-arranged new home, but you will also save money on packing supplies.


Moving the house could be a wonderful experience, but it could also be really tricky. Now that you know the typical mistakes you are likely to make, try to avoid them at all costs for a stress-free relocation.


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