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The Pros and Cons of Moving Yourself vs Hiring Professional Movers


When the time comes for you and your family to move homes, you will be faced with a ton of choices. From how to organise the whole process, to whether to do it yourself, or hire movers. Undoubtedly, it is very important to consider DIY vs hiring professionals. There are pros and cons to either side, so it is up to weigh them in and choose what best works for your family. 

Pros of moving yourself 

  • You save money – there is no hiding the fact that professional movers will cost you some money. If your budget is rather low, you will be more than willing to move, especially if there is a lot you need to transport. Rates tend to go up with the increase in cargo space used. 

  • You have complete control over the process – this is perhaps one of the best things about moving on your own. You don’t need to adjust your schedule in accordance with anyone. You can move in portions, or you can move in a single day. If there are delays, you don’t need to worry as much, in comparison to when you have contracted professional movers to assist you. 

Cons of moving yourself  

  • It is a lot of work – one of the things you need to consider when moving without help is that you will be doing all of the work on your own. All of the heavy lifting, packing and transportation to the new home – these are all individual tasks that can take up a lot of effort and time. And sometimes, if you don’t have an extra pair of hands, it can be almost impossible to address on your own. 

  • You may have to deal with unexpected problems – coordinating the whole moving process on your own might be a little more bothersome than you think. There are a lot of things that can take a wrong turn. And if there are no professionals around to help you resolve the issue, you may be left postponing plans and making new arrangements, which can be quite bothersome. 

Pros of hiring movers 

  • You won’t have to bother with the work – you can hire a moving company to address a large portion of the moving tasks for you. From packing, to transportation and unloading at the new place, professional movers can be there to help you out. They will address the heavy items you need to move, as well as ensure that everything is packed well to minimise breakage. 

  • It is less stressful – when you need to address less tasks, beyond hiring reputable movers, you will be less overwhelmed by the whole process. There are many time-saving benefits you get from working with a moving company. 

Cons of hiring movers 

  • The service is rather impersonal – that is not to say the movers don’t care about your satisfaction, but they most likely don’t know you and will not be as mindful as you are when handling personal belongings. It is important to do good research on the company you hire for the job, or else you can end up disappointed. 

  • There is less flexibility – when you contact movers, they will schedule a moving date. Once that is set, you need to adjust the entire process around it. You have to be ready for the time when they will come. In other words, there is little you can do about the time you move, once it has been set. 

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